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I am a freelance sound recordist based in west London. I regularly work on documentaries, light entertainment, commercials and corporate shoots both at home and abroad. I have worked for all the major UK broadcasters.

I provide the best and cleanest audio for post whether it's hiding mics on contributors, rigging a vehicle or booming all day. I always make the best of every situation and location.

I often work with self shooting directors/assistant producers as well as lighting camera operators and DoPs and tailor my kit to their requirements.

On location I offer an extra pair of hands with carrying kit, setting up/adjusting lights and anything else to help things along.

I bring my experience of working in the camera/sound departments at the the London Studios (ITV Southbank) and time spent working in a kit and crewing company to every shoot whether it's helping to rig a jib or GoPro.

I have worked with the Arri Alexa, RED EPIC, C300, F55, PDW-F800, PDW-700, PDW-500, HDW-750, PMW-200, EX1, EX3, Canon 5D/7D, XF305, Panasonic HDX900, DigiBeta & DSR.

For a more detailed CV please contact me directly.

I am available for work and you can contact me at or 07843 386 171

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